South Texas Blood and Tissue Center Collects 17 Pints at Family Fitness’ First Blood Drive!

Way to go, community!

Did you know that when I first tried to plan the Blood Drive, the Center was hesitant to book us because of their past experiences at Health Clubs and Gyms?

Before our drive, the STBTC had set up the Blood Mobile at a very large and well known fitness center off 1604 and 281. They thought with all the members and drive by traffic that they were bound to have a successful drive. They were sorely disappointed when they found they were only able to collect 7 pints. 7 pints!? We had 7 in our first HOUR! And the reason is YOU, awesome people and members of this community!

So thank you for letting Family Fitness reach out and into your life, pull on your heart strings, and help you overcome your fears of needles! After 26 attempts, and 17 successes, The South Texas Blood and Tissue Center is excited to make us one of their regular Mobile Drive spots. In fact, they have already committed us again for Thursday, April 28, 2011!

So mark your calendars and eat your iron…we’ve got another Blood Drive to support!